Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

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Araldite Do It Yourself (DIY)

Diakui sebagai perekat yang paling kuat dan paling tahan lama di pasar, perekat Araldite dapat digunakan pada berbagai perbaikan dan perakitan apa saja- termasuk gelas, keramik, kulit, kayu, logam, batu, plastik yang paling keras, karet dan banyak lagi bahan-bahan lainnya. Araldite menghasilkan kekuatan super yang tahan air obligasi yang dapat di cat atau di ampelas.

Perekat Araldite tersedia di berbagai toko retail seperti toko hardware, hupermarket, toko kelontong, toko bangunan, toko tehnik dan banyak lainnya..

ARALDITE Rapid : Tubes 2 X 15 ml

• High Performance two-part epoxy adhesive

• Fast curing, Sets in 5 minutes

• Ideal for small assembly or repair on most materials

• Waterproof, Oil and Chemical resistant

ARALDITE Standard : Tubes 2 X 15 ml

• High Performance two-part epoxy adhesive

• Sets in 90 minutes, giving long worklife

• Ideal for large assembly on most materials

• Waterproof, Oil and Chemical resistant

ARALDITE Rapid Steel : Tubes 2 X 15 ml

• High Performance two-part epoxy adhesive

• Fast curing, sets in 5 minutes

• Metallic grey, gap filling, steel filled epoxy

• Ideal for most types of metal including Steel, Aluminium, Iron, Copper and Brass

• Waterproof, Oil and Chemical resistant


  • The use of Araldite in architecture to bond thin joints of pre-cast concrete units was pioneered by Ove Arup in Coventry cathedral and the Sydney Opera House. At Coventry cathedral, Araldite was used to bond its columns and fins, while at Sydney Opera House, Araldite was used to bond the rib sections of the shells, since a traditional concrete joint would have slowed construction, as it would need 24 hours to cure before stressing.
  • Highmark Manufacturing uses Araldite in the manufacture of advanced ballistic protection body armour.
  • Schlösser Metallbau, a manufacturer of metal parts for railway carriages, uses Araldite 2015 to bond aluminium profiles of cab doorframes on the BR 423 Siemens Bombardier tram.
  • Fischer Composite Technology GmbH uses the Araldite RTM System to produce carbon composite side blades for the Audi R8.
  • Araldite is commonly used as an embedding medium for electron microscopy.

History Araldite

The first production of epoxy resins was carried out by De Trey Frères SA of Switzerland. They licensed the process to Ciba AG in the early 1940s and Ciba first demonstrated a product under the tradename Araldite at the Swiss Industries Fair in 1945. Ciba went on to become one of the 3 major epoxy resin producers worldwide. Ciba's epoxy business was spun off and later sold in the late 1990s and is now the advanced materials business unit of Huntsman Corporation of the US. In the UK Aero Research Limited. (ARL) - hence the name name; ARaLdite, produced this new synthetic resin adhesive for bonding metals, glass, porcelain, china and other materials. Araldite sets under the application of heat alone and no hardener is required. After curing, the joint was claimed to be impervious to boiling water and all common organic solvents. It is available in the form of powder or rods.